Wheels scraped, gouged, scratched or in need of a new look? Our patented refinishing process can restore them to look like NEW!



Bent or out of round wheels cause vibrations that can damage your vehicle’s steering, suspension systems and tires. We can correct these vibrations and save the costly repairs on these systems. We use safe and effective techniques on our patented state of the art straightening system. We restore most bent wheels back to balance-able trueness in one hour or less. We restore the wheel back to manufacturer specs and guarantee your bent wheel to seal around the bead and hold air. We can also provide repair options for cracked wheels.

Wheel Straightening Facts

  • EIWR certifies & guarantees all wheels straightening’s.
  • The certification process involves the following:
    • Pre-straightening inspection
    • Properly monitored measurement acceptance criteria
    • Heating & final inspection
    • Marking standards, which meet both ISO and SAE standards.
  • EIWR has been approved by most insurance companies

Wheel Straightening Facts

  • EIWR wheel technicians have passed SAE required testing and are certified!
  • All wheels meet manufactured “tolerance” standards
  • By using EIWR for your wheel straightening needs; you can rest assured that your customer’s wheels have been tested, guaranteed and certified to be safe.

*We come to you “On Site” mobile wheel straightening

*We do not have any hidden or additional fees

*Most rims can be straightened with the tires still on the rim


Most cracks can be repaired in our local shop. If the cracks are too severe, we can have it repaired at our remanufacturing plant or replace it from our inventory of wheels.


Other services

We can paint your wheels to match your car. Painting the spokes or wheels to match the car is becoming a new trend around the world. An EIWR professional can provide you with a quote. Just text 319-373-8200  a picture of your wheel and provide us a paint code of your vehicle’s finish. We can also repair or replace your damaged hubcaps or center caps.

Custom Painted Alloy Rims

Would you like to give your alloy wheels a facelift?  Now you can! Your local EIWR can change the color of your alloy wheels. Our specialists have a variety of color options including our 5 stock colors below.

We can also paint your wheels to match the paint code of your vehicle.



  • Physical Vapor Deposition
  • Cost-effective and environmentally safe & friendly alternative to traditional chrome plating


  • No stripping of chrome
  • Chroming on wheels up to 24”
  • Extra cost(s) may apply if wheels are damaged before the PVD coating process

NOTE: This process does not work with existing chrome wheels, only “NON-CHROME” wheels.


  • Warranty covers pitting and peeling
  • 3 Year Warranty!


• Affordable cost alternative to Chrome plating

  • Wheels are clear coated (chrome is not)
  • More durable than traditional chrome
  • Easy to clean and maintain the finish
  • Brake dust is not statically attracted to the wheel due to powder base coat
  • Stands up to road salts and magnesium chloride
  • PVD coating performs well in harsh environments, (coastal areas and cold climates)
  • Whole wheel is coated inside and out
  • PVD coating is not as heavy as chrome plating (lighter wheels)
  • OEM approved and tested
  • If wheels are curbed or scraped, the wheel can be fixed and re-coated over & over
  • It combines powder coating and vacuum metallization together, producing a true classic chrome finish with a deep rich appearance equal to traditional triple plate or show quality chrome
  • The process creates a very durable finish that enables it to meet auto manufacturers’ warranties
  • EIWR can perform repairs on a PVD coated wheels unlike chrome dipped wheels
  • Safe for the environment (Green)


  • 10 to 14 working days turnaround time




Why “Nitrogen” is better than compressed air:

• Nitrogen is a ‘Dry’ inert gas, which creates pure stable tire pressure

• Nitrogen is NOT susceptible to climate or temperature changes

• Nitrogen reduces and virtually eliminates the TPMS indicator light

• Nitrogen filled tires lose 1-2 lbs. of pressure every 5-6 months

• Oxygen/air filled tires lose 1-3 lbs. of pressure “EVERYmonth or more

What can PURIFLATETM do for you?

  • Proper & stable tire inflation saves 10% – 15% in gas costs per year
  • Reduces the chance of tire failure up to 50%
  • Increases tire life up to 35%
  • Nitrogen filled tires are more stable creating a better ride, handling and braking
  • Nitrogen does NOT cause wheel corrosion or internal tire breakdown
  • Reduces running tire temperature
  • Maintains proper tire pressure reducing tire pressure sensor (TPMS) issues


  • Over 250 million tires a year are scrapped

    •Filling tires with Nitrogen is a huge environmental benefit reducing our carbon footprint

    • The US could save 8.3 million gallons of gas per day if Nitrogen is used in tires!

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